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Fees and charges Payment Process

As a response to the UK's Border Target Operating Model (BTOM), Mersey Port Health Authority has opted to modify our internal procedures to minimise business disruptions. Therefore, with effect from 30th April 2024, we will no longer be operating pre-pay accounts.

Please be aware that as the BTOM is implemented, we will be consistently assessing its impact on our operations. Any newly introduced procedures are liable to change.  We will endeavour to update all customers as soon as possible.

Any notification created in IPAFFs or PHILIS Des on or after 30th April 2024 will now have the charges invoiced in arrears.  This will not delay any checks being carried out as they will commence as soon as the documentation is available to us.

When a notification is created in IPAFFs/PHILIS DES, you will receive a notification advising the following: 

Agent Reference / Container No: ABC123456 MEDU2345678

A CHED-P Notification has been received and will be charged to your account.  This will show on your next invoice under reference (job No) for the value of £250.00.


Mersey Port Health

This is an automated message.  If you wish to respond to this email, please reply to:

Invoices will be raised on a weekly basis.  You will receive one invoice for all notifications received the previous week, this will include a breakdown of the notifications received and will include the following information: 

Please note that invoices will bear the Liverpool City Council logo.

To avoid any delays in processing documents, please email with the following information, if you have not already done so. This will enable us to create your account prior to documents being received.


Payment is due immediately on invoices however, if payment is not received with 28 days a final notice will be issued.  

There are several ways to pay the invoice, which you will find on the back of the invoice itself.

There is also a LINK you can follow which will take you to the payments page on Liverpool City Councils website.  By using this option, the payment will be allocated automatically to the invoice.

If you choose to pay through alternative methods, kindly remember to include the invoice number with your payment. Neglecting to do so may lead to a delay in processing your payment, resulting in the issuance of final notices and potential delays in handling future documents.

When submitting a remittance advice, please send these to BOTH and, with “Remittance advice” as the subject header. This should avoid any delays in payments being allocated.

Common User Charge

The government recently announced details regarding the common user charge. In response to enquiries raised with the us, it is important to clarify that this does not apply to movements associated with Mersey Port Health Authority.

The common user charge will be introduced for commercial movements of animal products, plants and plant products through the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel only.

More information relating to the common user charge can be found here

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