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Import Of Meat Extracts, Meat Concentrates and products containing them

The European Commission has advised that meat extracts, meat concentrates and products containing them should be treated as meat products or composite products as appropriate, depending on the composition of the product. They should be accompanied at import by the meat product certificate laid down in Commission Decision 2007/777/EC as amended or the composite product certificate laid down in Regulation (EU) No 28/2012 as amended.

It has become clear that a number of stakeholders/suppliers/importers are unaware of the new rules and consignments are being presented for import in accordance with the rules that were in place prior to 1 January.
To help to facilitate trade General Authorisation IMP/GEN/2017/01 permits imports of those products referred to in paragraph 1 under National rules provided they are consigned before 1 August 2017 and meet the requirements in the authorisation.
Any consignments of the above products that do not meet the relevant EU requirements because, for example they
  • do not come from an EU approved country; and/or
  • do not come from EU approved establishments; and/or
  • are not accompanied by the correct health certificate;
will not be able to be imported if they are consigned on or after 1 August 2017 and should be rejected. The person responsible for the consignment should be advised that they will need to ensure that future consignments are in full compliance with EU rules as described above. Import conditions are available via the APHA website