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Why Has My Consignment Been Placed On Hold?

Your consignment can be temporarily placed on hold for numerous reasons, products subject to official controls will be held pending satisfactory checks, and these will be undertaken by the Authority and can be for both POAO and FNAO products.

Consignments may be temporarily placed on hold pending further information. We carry out 100% manifest checks on all consignments entering the Port of Liverpool.  If it is unclear what products are in a container we will hold the consignment, until we receive satisfactory documentation (normally an invoice/packing list).  Following on from this, Port Health Officers may request further supplementary information, for example an ingredients list.

Consignments may also be placed on hold if your consignment is to be sampled in accordance with our Surveillance Sampling programme. It will then be released once the sample has been taken.

Why Has My Consignment Been Officially Detained?

Your consignment can be officially detained for numerous reasons, some products are subject to safeguard measures and will be detained pending official sampling, some products may be detained pending receipt of the sampling results. These safeguard measures can be for both POAO and FNAO products.

Consignments may also be official detained pending receipt of sampling results, if your consignment contains products that have previously been sampled and found to be non-compliant.

Why Has My Consignment Been Sampled?

Official controls dictate our sampling frequency on certain POAO and FNAO products; these are laid down in EU Legislation.  Officers may also sample products on recommendation from central government agencies, such as the FSA, or in accordance with internal sampling programmes such as our Surveillance Programme..

How Can I Ensure My Consignment Is Released Swiftly?

The Authority cannot release a consignment until it is officially manifested on Destin8; however, we recommend that all necessary documentation is provided to us in advance of the vessel arrival, this allows for all documentation checks to be conducted, if errors are found, we will strive to resolve the issues to enable the release of the consignment with minimal delay, once landed.

To reduce delays further, any none official documentation that would be used to support a release of a consignment (e.g. ingredients list) is emailed to and the container number(s) is clearly visible in the email (e.g. subject bar), this simple process will allow officers to identify and process the request quicker and more efficient.

Are there any banned products that I cannot import?

Yes, the Food Standards Agency website contains further information on products that may have import restrictions placed against them or are prohibited and therefore cannot be imported or sold.

This information can be found on the following link