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Training Courses

Introduction to Imported Food

Course Dates

February 2019 - Tuesday 12th February 2019Expired
April 2019 - Tuesday 16th April 2019Expired
June 2019 - Tuesday 11th June 2019Spaces Remaining: 4Book Session
August 2019 - Tuesday 6th August 2019Spaces Remaining: 4Book Session
October 2018 - Tuesday 8th October 2019Spaces Remaining: 4Book Session

About The Course

Mersey Port Health Authority provides training to students, qualified EHP’s and other agencies who wish to learn about the varied statutory functions of Port Health.

We aim to provide students with the necessary information they require to complete their work based learning.

We offer 2 separate training days which will cover 2 main statutory functions of Port Health; Imported Food and International Health.  These sessions are run every two weeks on a rotating basis and will cover the following areas:
  • General  Overview
  • Foods Not of Animal Origin
  • Products of Animal Origin
  • Sampling Protocols

The sessions will be theory, interactive and practical based.

Whenever possible we will try and accommodate a visit to our Border Inspections Post whilst official controls are being undertaken.  In cases when this is not possible, a general visit will be conducted. 

Payment for the course must be received prior to the commencement of your visit.  Further information can be found at

Course Information

1 day, per statutory function
every 8 weeks
£30 per course or £50 for both booked together
Number of students/visitors:
4 per session
Selection process:
first come first served. Candidates apply through our website:
PPP/ELP reports:
some Food Safety and Public Health
How the opportunity is advertised:
DSTO and our website
Organiser/key contact: